Christmas Products

Homemade Christmas products:

Brandy Soaked Christmas Puddings: Range of sizes serving up to 12/14 people. Gluten free or/and Vegan available.

2IB Basin serving up to 12/14 or 1IB Basin serving up to 8/10 or 1/2IB serving up to 3/4

Brandy Soaked Christmas Cakes: A range of sizes available, hand decorated, marzipan and Roll Icing covered including xmas box. Gluten free available.

8″ Cake Serving up to 16 or 6″ Cake Serving up to 12 or 4.5″ cake Serving up to 6 

Mince Pies: Handmade Mince pies, shortcrust pastry or gluten free pastry with a alcohol soaked fruit mincemeat filling

Available in Box of 6 or Box of 12  

Christmas Quiches: Brie and Cranberry, Stilton and Broccoli, Ham Hock and Wholegrain Mustard….

Deep filled 12cm serving 2/4     Deep filled 23cm serving 8/10 

Also available, see for my details and pictures. 

  • Yule logs, Gingerbread Men, Shortbread biscuits, Sausage Rolls, Cheesecakes.
  • Homemade chutneys and Jams including: Plum and cinnamon Jam, red onion chutney, spiced apple chutney
  • Christmas hamper packages available, including a selection of above products and more. As well as Bespoke hampers to suit all requirements.