Christmas Products

Homemade Christmas products:

Brandy Soaked Christmas Puddings: Range of sizes serving up to 12/14 people. Gluten free available.

2IB Basin serving up to 12/14 £15.00  1IB Basin serving up to 8/10 £8.00 1/2IB serving up to 3/4 £4.50

Brandy Soaked Christmas Cakes: A range of sizes available, hand decorated, marzipan and Roll Icing covered including xmas box. Gluten free available.

8″ Cake Serving up to 16 £30 6″ Cake Serving up to 12 £25 4.5″ cake Serving up to 6 £12

Mince Pies: Handmade Mince pies, shortcrust pastry or gluten free pastry with a alcohol soaked fruit mincemeat filling

Box of 6 £4.25 Box of 12 £8.00 Individually 85p  

Christmas Quiches: Brie and Cranberry, Stilton and Broccoli, Ham Hock and Wholegrain Mustard….

Deep filled 12cm serving 2/4 £4.00    Deep filled 23cm serving 8/10 £15.00

Also available, price on request:

  • Yule logs, Gingerbread houses, Shortbread biscuits, Sausage Rolls, Cheesecakes.
  • Homemade chutneys and Jams including: Plum and cinnamon Jam, red onion chutney, spiced apple chutney
  • Christmas hamper packages available, including a selection of above products and more. As well as Bespoke hampers to suit all requirements.